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New or Used ?

I guess for the most we'd all like to think that new is best. Not always! There are many variables to think about.

  1. The cost - a used machine will invariably cost you less.

  2. Are you working with a reputable machinery dealer?

  3. What finance rates are available and over what terms?

  4. Will you get a comprehensive warranty on installation?

  5. Availability of the right machine for your needs; new technology is great but it may be overkill for your current print needs.

  6. Reliability and reputation of the used press you buy. Can you obtain spare parts? Do you know an engineer with the knowledge to get you back up and printing if things go wrong?

  7. New printing machinery depreciation is much faster than used. If you go new, will you get your ROI before you look to replace it?

  8. Insurance cover, did you go for like for like or replace with new? The premiums can be high but it's definitely worth checking all the bases before deciding that the cheapest insurance is best.

  9. Print quality - will the press perform to meet the demands of your client base? In some instances clients just want to buy cheap print, however some print jobs are absolute quality driven. Is your print registration spot on?

  10. Space available. You need to think about health & safety. Not all B2 four colour presses are the same size / weight.

The team at Matrix Graphic Sales Ltd are happy to chat through your specific requirements and help you make the right machinery purchase for you and your business.

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