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Heidelberg GTOVP52

Machine summary:
Age c. 1982
Single Sheet Feeder
Alcohol assisted damping
Rouse Eco recirculation unit


Heidelberg PM74-2 - Two Colour Press

Machine summary:
Age c. 2006
Serial no. 741130
c. 85 million impressions
Heidelberg autoplate,
Heidelberg pre-set
Alcolor damping
Baldwin basic liner circulation


Heidelberg SM52-2 - Two Colour Press

Machine Summary :
Age c. 2002
c. 54 million impressions
CP Tronic
Alcolor damping with MG Royse recirculation
Heidelberg Autoplate
Suction belt infeed
Weko powder spray
Tools & Accessories


Komori Lithrone LS529P - Five Colour Press

Machine summary:

Age c. 2006
c. 120 million impressions
Equipped with
PQC off press controlsk
KMS Komori management system
Komorimatic damping
Technotrans Alpha d refrigeration
Semi-automatic plate change
AMR presets, KHS presets
Auto roller / blanket / impression cylinder washers
Automatic Perfecting unit for
2/3 or 5/0 printing


Sakurai 252EII - Two Colour Press

Machine Summary:
Age c. 2007
c. 28.7 million impressions
Equipped with:
Plate register control from delivery
Olivermatic dampening with Tecnotrans recirculation
SPC semi automatic plate change with plate cylinder cocking
Tho anti-set-off spray


Sakurai 266EPZ - Two Colour Press

Machine Summary:
Year of manufacture: 2002
Serial Number: HZ109002
Number of Units: 2
Impression count: c. 28.9 million
SPC semi automatic plate change
Olivermatic dampening with Technotrans recirculation
Suction belt infeed
Plate register control from deliverys
Automatic perfecting unit for 2/0 or 1/1 printing
Anti-set-off Spray
Tools & Accessories

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