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Matrix News and Covid19

The last 12 months have as always in the printing industry been turbulent and unpredictable. Things change in the blink of an eye.

Covid 19 saw Drupa 2020 being pushed back to 2021, which in an industry in need of a collaborative show (one that has the whole world involved in printing attending) – it was a blow. But, health and safety is paramount. Let’s hope the show is bigger and better in 2021.

For more information on Drupa 2021 visit:

No one is sure what comes next after this pandemic is over. It’s going to leave a lot of businesses, not just within the printing industry, struggling and fighting an uphill battle – yet again. We’re a strong bunch though and we don’t lie down easily.

We’ve had our own changes internally to bed in. With the sad passing of John Glancy in 2019, who was well-known and extremely well respected within the printing industry community, his son Johnathan Glancy has taken over the reins.

Johnathan will work alongside his sister Alison and Gill Arnott (who helped form Matrix in 2002). A strong team who will continue to ensure that used printing machinery sales with Matrix Graphic Sales continue with integrity and honesty.

Interest point - The printing industry changed, albeit slowly at first, when the internet became a focal point for selling printing machinery – while we don’t have information on the very first used printing machine offered online we kind of think it would be mid 1990 - if you know for sure then we’d love to hear from you!

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